Early vs. Late Binding

Early vs. Late Binding in C++ and Java

Feb 2018: Touch-up of the explanation of virtual functions in C++ and how they behave unexpectedly for the Java programmer.

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Sliding Tiles Game

27 March 2017: We are teaching ourselves about games in our C++ learning group. I'm trying to make a puzzle game where you slide tiles till the puzzle is solved. Along the way I am exploring Cross Platform Development with CMake. An interesting aspect was the automatic solving of the puzzle which uses a breadth-first search.

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An introduction to containers in C++

1 March 2016: We are making progress with our C++ book. Chapter 20 introduces containers. My presentation summarizes the sequence containers. It reveals in the test code that vectors perform hugely better than lists when you have to do a lot of inserts.

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A short introduction to regular expressions in C++

10 November 2015: Still learning C++ in an Open Tech School Meetup! Fellow students either gave me a blank look or a look of panic when I suggested we use a regular expression to validate an ISBN number. Here is the presentation I gave to bring everyone up to speed.

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Develop and Run C++ Hello World in the Cloud

13 September 2015: I am learning C++ in an Open Tech School Meetup. Here is how you can leverage Codenvy to code and run C++ programs completely in the cloud!

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An AngularJS Directive to draw stars

8 February 2015: I built an AngularJS directve that allows HTML5 developers to add one or more multi point star to their websites. This can be used to facilitate a ranking system, for instance

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Neue About Rezeptsammlung Seite

17 Dezember 2014: Neu gestaltete About Seite.

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Rezeptsammlung überarbeitet

14 Dezember 2014: Es hat mich eine gute Woche Arbeit gekostet aber jetzt sind alle Rezepte einheitlich auf Deutsch und die Schreibfehler stark verringert.

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