Android Version of Recipe Database

I've wanted this for a long time and the Google Developers Group Dev Fest in Z├╝rich from 19 to 21 October 2012 provided the incentive to get going!

Background: Like many people my parents and I have collected recipes here and there. When the Internet came to consumers in 1995 I put the collection on the web and have tinkered with them ever since. Today there are 500 recipes that I have all cooked, photographed and commented on. (They are mostly in German)

The challenge is that I sometimes find myself in a shop with a special offer or a tasty ingredient and would like to check back on my recipes. Often data cell reception is poor so browsing interactive web pages doesn't work well.

Therefore I wanted an Android App that connects to the recipe store, downloads the key information and allows me to do the searching on the phone. At the GDG Dev Fest I presented my idea and started development.

You can download the App by downloading the APK File

For those interested in the source code, it's on GitHub

I'm interested in feedback. You can reach me on:

Last Updated 13.1.2013