Pictures of Richard Eigenmann

I was born in August 1968 in Männedorf in the
Kanton of Zürich, Switzerland.

2 Months old, September 1968, Uerikon 2 Years old, Juli 1970, Bath

From 1976 to 1978 I lived with my family in Saudi Arabia, where my dad was one of the engineers building a cement factory.
I learnt skiing aged 4 1/2, Feb 1973 We would sometimes drive across the desert to the Persian Gulf, 1978
In 1978 we settled in Oberrieden where my parents still live. I attended the local schools and did my Matura at the "Rämibühl Gymnasium" in Zürich.
Parade in Oberrieden, Summer 1982 I learnt to drive on this Trans Am and later bought it, 1988

The Swiss Army tought me how to fire guided missiles at tanks during my compulsory service in 1989.
Spring 1989 Spring 1989

In 1990 I started work as a broker for ALCO Commodities in Zürich where I passed the series 3 exam with a score of 93%. I subsequently moved into IT and now work as a business analyst in the private bank of a global financial services firm.
Summer 1992 Summer 1991
For 17 years I lived in a very "cosmopolitan" area
in the heart of Zürich in a lovely flat with a
rooftop terrace which was ideal for braais.
July 1995
In the Winter I like to go snowboarding
in the mountains. December 1998, Ischgl
On numerous occations I joined some friends on sailing
cruises in the Mediterranean. Now that they all have families
to raise, sailing has become less of a priority.
Porquerolles, May 1999
My girlfriend spent 10 years running projects in South Africa.
I therefore got to spend many Holidays in this beautiful country.
On the border to Swaziland, October 1999
Sailing in the Caribbean May 2003 Observing elephants in the Addo Elephant Park
February 2004

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